Discover Crozon Peninsula and the beautiful region of Brittany

Situated between Brest harbour and Douarnenez bay, and part of the Armorican Regional National Park, Crozon Peninsula (Brittany)  has a number of very interesting sites like:
–    Penhir headland and its “Heaps of Peas” famous alignment of three rocks.
–    “La pointe des Espagnols” with a panoramic view of Brest natural harbour.
–    “La pointe de Dinan” with numerous viewpoints of the surroundings (cap de la Chèvre…)

On the way you’ll discover charming villages, fortifications, scenic footpaths, rare flora and a grotto.

To discover what’s up in Crozon Peninsular, visit here.

Fort des Capucins

Le Fret -> Roscanvel : 8km

For whom like hiking “le fort des capucins” is to be discovered with proper fortifications and gates.


Pointe de Penhir

Camaret sur Mer
Le Fret -> Camaret : 10km

To be visited: la pointe des Penhir with the pile of peas, one of the most fascinating places to visit in Crozon